$39 per Bottle

Delivered on solid or transparent background
(Pricing effective 12/5/2017)


$39 per bottle service includes all of the following services and features:

  • High resolution 24 megapixel image capture
  • Your own private gallery in the cloud for image storage and download
  • Access your images as many times as you want, with no worries about lost files- you’ll always know where they are!
  • Label straightening
  • Bottle straightening if required or requested
  • Complete dust removal
  • Vintage removal (if requested)
  • Seam removal when necessary
  • Marker removal (if requested)
  • Ullage level / Fill line adjustment. Just let us know where you want it to appear!
  • Capsule imperfection correction
  • Capsule print centering

As you can see, there is no better value out there than this offer! I look forward to getting together to discuss your wants and needs, and we will provide you with a superior product, ready to include in any advertising or printed matter that you desire.

How Can Our Price Be So Low?

Studio is Always Set Up for Bottles

When all one does is bottle photography, the studio is always set up and ready to capture bottle images. Setup time costs are virtually nonexistent so that savings is passed along to you.

New Software Technology Drastically Reduces Time

After 10 years, not only am I faster at using Photoshop, but the software has evolved with new tools that dramatically shorten the time it takes to process a image in post production. Very little time is actually needed to photograph the images; most of the effort to create amazing images is done in post. (So, don't thank me, thank Adobe!)

And finally, in years past, Photoshop was sloooooooooow! Hardware is blazingly fast these days by comparison. Again, a huge time saver.

Low Overhead

Because I specialize in wine bottle photography, my work is done out of a small home studio (a converted bedroom). I do not need to pass high lease payments along to my customers.

Final Question

So maybe the question should not be why Just Bottle Shots' prices are so low, but, "Why does everyone else charge so much?!"

Easy To Do Business

In today's world, so many things we do are just time consuming hassles. Well, the Just Bottles Shot Club has been certified 'A Hassle Free Zone' for the following reasons:
     Always a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

  1. No minimum orders; no minimum bills
  2. Conveniently ship your bottles to nearby Fairfield, CA
  3. Quick turnaround - normally 2 to 5 business days
  4. Your own password protected online gallery - download your images whenever you need them
  5. A one page agreement written in plain English

So, give it a try today;  Just Bottle Shots wants to become your favorite vendor.



Tom Nelson