Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my new Blog for Just Bottle Shots fans. Visit us here to read all about wine bottle photography and digital imaging. My goal will be to explain exactly what we do and how we do it when creating our bottle images. Yes, I will try to document all of our 'secrets.'

You might ask yourself why we would give out the recipe to our 'secret sauce?' After all, once we explain how we do things won't wineries start doing their own digital images? Well, right now we have more business than we can handle. There are over 6000 wineries in the US alone. If each only bottled 4 wines a year, that would be 24,000 bottles that need to be imaged.

That said, this blog will hopefully start discussions on techniques. Bottle images can always be improved. We hope that the community of wine bottle photographers will join us here regularly to share their tips and techniques as well.

The bottom line is that wine customers many time see pictures of a bottle before they see the actual physical bottle. So the better we can make that picture, the better it will represent all of the labor, art and love that goes into each bottle of your grapie-goodness.

So, please don't be shy. . .everyone and their comments are welcome!


Tom Nelson
Just Bottle Shots